What is play? #create5

My play. Or some things I thought of as play. I hope to expand this. Play = Life?

My play. Or some things I thought of as play. I hope to expand this. Play = Life?

Play and playground

Play, a time of no time.
Playtime with flow; time outside limits and boundaries.
Time disappearing as the sun moves on the sky.

Long time ago.

Part two of 5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers is personal. It works as an eye-opener. Play is a time with no watch. Play is time without any pressure to preform. “Long time ago” in the poem above, signals that I have had to little of that in the last year or two. In a new work, in a new town, involved in politics and to curious for my own good, my schedule did not include “play”. Realizing this a few months back, I decided to set a side either Saturday or Sunday as play days.

Play activities.
Play days are supposed to be spontaneous. I enjoy running outdoors, reading, being in nature, writing, sipping coffee, taking pictures or talk to friends. But is it play? Well, I think so. My sole purpose is the activity it self. Not the result. Engaging and enjoying the activity. Mindfulness in action.

Hobbies = Play?
Stepping back from the words above, I see my hobbies on the screen. Is play = hobbies? Is that perhaps different from children? Maybe play take on different forms during our life cycle and maybe hobbies are organized grown-up play?

My play refuel me. Some of that I described earlier I do on my own. I need that time alone. But I also need “social play”, sharing experience with my girl friend, family and friends.

Play drive passion. But passion also drives play I believe. If play includes hobbies, look for those hobbies, those that light up and transform your life.

Maybe I will take on the challenge from Stuart Brown

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