Tribe, we all need one #create5

This is the third reflection in 5 habits of highly creative teachers.

##Say it: Finish this sentence: My definition of ‘tribes’ is … ”
…I guess some what convential, but I say: influnce, energy and support.

##Do it: Which exercise did you like best in this module? Why?
Creating lists. Both Music that reflects my life so far and 15 things I would do during this week without money and no work or other obligation.

1. Run
2. Take my camping kitchen and make coffee in the woods near a lake
3. Reed books
4. Take pictures
5. Go to the library
6. Make love to my girl friend
7. Go to bed early, wake up early
8. Write
9. Sleep in tent
10. Meditate
11. Think
12. Invite friends to a camp fire
13. Look at birds
14. Listen to music
15. Make more coffee
Spotify link:

##Own it: Finish the sentences to capture your process and attitude:
The biggest insight I got from doing the exercise was that life is full of life and opportunities to smile. Accept nothing else. Also that I need to explore more tribes to connect and explore my evolving creating and creative side.

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