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Ending the creativity ride #create5 with failure. Well, luckily the last section on this ride is ”Celebrate”.

My definition of failure is a remix of things a have read and seen. It goes: ”Failing is not failure when living outside of your comfort zone. Failure is not trying to live outside your comfort zone”.

In this section I enjoyed most discussing with workmates which cultural norm to break. We had some really good laughs at our table during the lunch break. It also helped to have a foreigners point of view.

One insight from this section is that Swedish people do not like to stand out. We discussed at lot of ideas around our table, but many of the ideas require the person who challenge the norm, to stand out, to be different. As a behavior scientist a know that we like to conform, to act as the group to be included, and now, when we discussed how to break a norm, it became obvious how much stamina you really need to do that.

In some sense, I guess creativity also needs stamina and guts. And this is where our tribe is needed. From the tribe we can collect courage and new perspective. No wonder, that creative people, artist etc have clustered into collectives etc in history. And most likely that will continue. Bold ideas comes often from a secure environment.

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