Day two at UBV003P

The second day at course introducation consisted of two blocks. The first one was ”Theories about learning” and the second one ”LTUs pedagogy”. I enjoyed both blocks. I had good preunderstanding of the theories presented in the first block, which made it

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“It´s on the exam?”

The last section of the day was about examination and learning. What are we examining I group work? Is it the product (paper, essay) or the process (the work leading to the product)? Groups of four persons were discussing different

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From teaching to learning

Teaching has undergone a big change in the last 20-30 years. Pedagogy is becoming more and more important, as we have more and more students at Swedish universities. The reasons for attending are also changing, as are society’s demands. Companies

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New course, more reflections. Welcome UBV003P at LTU.

Today was the first day of UBV003P, Högskolepedagogik or in English “Pedagogy in higher education”. Small reflections (10 minutes of reflection and writing) are part of this course. They are of more personal character, than in FDOL132, and are meant

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